EQUIDEMIA´s mission is to empower riders. I love to collect knowledge, but even more, I love to share it!

If your horse makes a mistake,
question yourself.
If you don’t find an answer, question better.

Egon von Neindorff

Academic Art of Riding is my passion. But was is even more important for me, is the art of living with horses. It does matter how we reach our goals together with our horses, and the journey itself is the destination. Therefore, I offer different structures to guide you on your journeys and to keep a holistic perspective on the horse. When travelling the road together with your horse, sooner or later we find out that this actually is a journey to ourselves. I love to guide you on your journey. Sometimes for a short part of the road, sometimes for a very long time.

Enjoy the Journey!

How can I help you?

Webinars & Videos on Demand

Equidemia is offering fantastatic Webinars with speakers who are top of their fields. Many of them are also to find as a video on demand after the course.
It’s worth checking out!

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Online lessons & Weekstudents

Online lessons are giving us the opportunity to jump from Norway to Australia and back within a second! Suddenly, it is easy to reach your instructor for a private lesson. All you need is a smartphone and a bluetooth headset for getting a private coaching at home. I offer Online classes from Monday – Friday, 8:00 till 11:00. If you need an evening lessons, feel free to contact me. Book you spot, or read more in the blog.


Masterclass 2023

Let’s spend an intensive period together with your horse. Take some time off to dive into the art of riding. Discover new insights about you, your horse and your communication.

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Equine Osteopathy


Horses that are difficult to handle or do not cooperate in training are doing so most often as their body is in pain. In a 3 month rehab coaching, we will focus on setting right the circumstances – housing, behaviour, feeding come into the spotlight. Than, we look at compensation patterns and groundwork for building up the horse.

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