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What is a Masterclass?


A Masterclass is a group of students, that signs in to study together. Together, we will go on a journey into the academic art of riding. You can join the group as a practical or a theoretical participant. One group of students is limited to 12 practical participants.

Why Online?


It doesn’t get more convenient! You have maximum personal freedom, you don’t need to travel, we can meet as an international group from everywhere over the world in one online program, you don’t need to agree on a schedule. You can watch your online modules in the membership area whenever you have time, and repeat them as often as you like.

Students’ voices

Learn to know what you are able to do

It has been few years now without any kind of programmed cource – then it popped up: Celina´s Masterclass in webinars. It feels so safe to work with my horses (now I have three of them: the old Queen and her two foals (9 and 3 years) under Celina´s eyes again. And Celina has schooled herself even more so she has so many new things and aspects to give us again today – all horses should got a possibility to become better, also all humans who have horses. Thank you Celina for being in our life. Read more “Learn to know what you are able to do”



What would we do without a motivating, patient, reliable and warm guidance on our way into the details of the Academic Art of riding. Read more “Masterclass”

Nina Husmann


What would we do without a motivating, patient, reliable and warm guidance on our way into the details of the Academic Art of riding. Celina has a deep understanding for… Read more “Motivating”

Nina Husmann

Learn to know what you are able to do

Learn to know what you are able to do  Specially now when we have difficult time to live it is so good for all of us to do something what… Read more “Learn to know what you are able to do”

Tarja Iivonen

What is included?


You can follow the Masterclass ´23 as a theory participant or a rider. The international Masterclass starts each year in January. We will meet for one webinar and one training day per month. The Masterclass meets online via ZOOM each first weekend of the month for a Training Day (with a few exceptions). As a rider, this is your opportunity to have your practical lesson(s) here and follow the other riders journey. The recordings are available after the training day in the private membership area for you during the year.

If you like to book additional lessons, Celina is guaranteed available for Masterclass lessons Monday and Thursday mornings from 8:00 to 11:00 CET, and Monday evenings from 15:00 to 19:00. The theory session will be in between 45 to 60 min as a webinar. A recording of the session will be uploaded in the membership area afterwards and are available for you for the whole Masterclass year. You are welcome to ask questions during the sessions!

Investment (all prices are net prices, pls taxes from your country if applied)

Theory: 300 NOK / 30 Euro per month

Mini-Abo: 1 lesson per Training day pls webinar 800 NOK / 80 Euro
Mini-Plus: 2 lessons per Training day pls webinar 1200 NOK / 120 Euro
Medi - Abo: 1 Lesson per Training Day, 1 lesson extra, pls webinar 1300 NOK / 130 Euro
Maxi Abo: 2 lessons per Training day, 2 lessons during the month , pls webinar 2100 NOK / 210 Euro

Bonus! As a Masterclass Student you have an 10% Discount on all extra lessons and Equidemia Webinars additional to your package.
In case of sickness or severe reason, you can reschedule your lessons WITHIN the month they belong to.

Save your seat for this year!

Topics for next year

  • Where to start?
  • The equine Mind
  • Building relationship
  • Before Bending and Stellning
  • Biomechanics of the horse
  • The Aids
  • Groundwork
  • Longing and advanced lunging
  • Sidemovements
  • Shaping the upper line
  • The Halts
  • The rider´s seat
  • Break free: How to use structure to become an independent rider.


Why do you want to be a Masterclass student?

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