STARTINg SOON: 26th April 2024



The future of horse training is a multidisciplinary endeavour.

This training bridges the gap between high-calibre university knowledge and the practical side of equine life. It is the result of a lifelong dream to make multidisciplinary expertise accessible. Modern learning options give you the opportunity to study part-time without having to leave your job. Learn directly from renowned lecturers and experienced practitioners.

A unique training programme

The bridge between academic research, current science and practice.

Ask the right questions

Find the real causes behind the symptoms and fundamentally revolutionise your horse training.

Solve problems for good

Address all factors that influence the horse’s well-being and performance.


High-calibre expertise for sustainable solutions

So you’ve already tried numerous methods – from crooked therapy, horsemanship, osteopathy, fascia therapy, behavioural training, pole work and much more. But what if the key to success lies in combining all these disciplines? The Equidemia Masterclass reveals exactly that – led by Celina Skogan, with a team of experts including Zefanja Vermeulen (equine anatomy), Tamara Dorresteijn (equine brain), Johannes Wittum (hoof health) and Elke Hartmann (equine behaviour).

Having this variety of expertise under one roof allows you to see the missing pieces of the puzzle in the big picture. We equip professionals, interested horse owners, trainers, and therapists with the knowledge to achieve sustainable health and real training progress. Become part of a movement that is dedicated to the well-being of horses with unprecedented depth.

Every behaviour

has a


We need to find the causes instead of suppressing the symptoms.

Time for a real change of perspective

The myth of natural crookedness

We’ve all heard it before: every horse should overcome its “natural crookedness”. What if we told you that this view is only half the truth? Celina Skogan and her team of visionary experts invite you to challenge this deep-rooted myth.

Our approach: The “natural unstraigthness” is often a reflection of deeper imbalances. Consider the whole horse, not just the surface. From subtle lameness, ration deficiencies and stressful box neighbours: everything can play a role. By combining sound academic-level science with field-tested methods, we guide you to ask the right questions and uncover the hidden causes. Get ready for a transformative journey.

The secret of holistic training

The five key areas

Health needs a multidisciplinary approach based on the 5-domain model. In this high-quality training programme based on scientific findings, we examine all areas of equine welfare, guided by experienced university lecturers. This is your chance for real change.

What I like most about you is your holistic, but at the same time academic and scientific approach. You have a large worldwide network so that we as your students (and ultimately, our horses!) can benefit from high-level knowledge from all over the world. Last but not least, your extensive experience with so many horses makes you a reliable expert.

Bettina Geschke
Member of the Membership & participant of the training
Celina's ability to precisely explain complex movements in the body and find individual approaches for different types of learners is what makes the Membership so special. Her knowledge extends not only to academic horsemanship, but also to a profound understanding of physical possibilities. Equidemia takes a holistic view of all aspects of working with horses.

Dorothea Ronneburg
Member of the Membership & participant of the training

Equidemia Masterclass

Learn to understand your horse on all levels.

A curriculum that combines academic depth with practical application. The only holistic training programme that makes you an expert in the health, performance and well-being of your horse in 2.5 years.

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    Experience interactive live webinars via Zoom and Vimeo Learn directly from experts, interact with peers and get instant feedback.
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    Access recordings of the webinars via our learning platform Never miss a lesson, repeat important content and learn flexibly according to your schedule.
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    Expand your practical skills with optional practical days Put your learnt knowledge into practice immediately, build confidence and consolidate your understanding through direct application.
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    Deepen your knowledge in the field of diseases and special phenomena through extra webinars with leading experts. Discover advanced techniques and proven methods for caring for your horse's health, presented by recognised specialists in their field.
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    Get answers to your individual questions and learn from real-life case studies in the regular Q&A sessions Receive customised support, find solutions to your challenges and build confidence.
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    Use practical learning tools such as presentation documents as PDFs and checklists. Organise your learning efficiently, keep track of important information and implement it seamlessly into your training.
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    Track your progress systematically and set clear goals with our digital training diary Monitor your development, identify strengths and weaknesses and optimise your training for maximum results.
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    Join our lively community: Ask questions, exchange ideas and benefit from the experience of others in our exclusive online network.
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    Increase your visibility as a certified trainer: After successfully completing the masterclass, you will be added to our trainer network and featured on our website to increase your regional visibility.

The training

that changes

your horse

and you.

In the Equidemia Masterclass, we teach you academic-level skills that will not only enable you to accurately evaluate your horse’s condition, but also to develop targeted health strategies and decide when the time is right to call in external experts.


Designed by and for professionals in the field of equine welfare

Understand the inner mechanisms of your horse.

  • Expertise on horse anatomy using a practical example
  • Cranial nerves and the nervous system
  • Understanding tensegrity and the connections in the body
  • Recognising gait abnormalities
  • Hooves, hoof physics and exterior analysis

AFTER THIS, YOU ARE ABLE TO: Analyse and optimise movement sequences, master anatomical structures and biomechanics of the horse as well as recognise gait anomalies and distinguish them from deficient movements.

Master communication with your horse.

  • Ethology and posture
  • Biopsychology of the horse
  • Practical approaches to recognising and eliminating posture-related causes
  • Expertise in horse behaviour for a harmonious partnership

AFTER THIS, YOU ARE ABLE TO: Recognise and eliminate posture-related causes, understand the learning processes and emotions of horses, and shape behaviour in a horse-friendly way.

Discover the secrets of a balanced diet.

  • Physiological basics of the digestive tract
  • Genetic variance and feeding behaviour of the horse
  • Basics of feeding and nutritional damage
  • Weight status and health
  • Knowledge of how to adapt the horse's ration for optimum health and performance

AFTER THIS, YOU ARE ABLE TO: Identify nutritional deficiencies and adjust the horse’s ration to promote health and performance.

Recognise pain and asymmetry early on.

  • Subtle lameness and behavioural signals in training
  • Expertise in differentiating between pain and asymmetry
  • Training, therapy, posture adjustment or vet? Learn to competently take the right path in the right direction.

AFTER THIS, YOU ARE ABLE TO: Differentiate between pain and asymmetry and decide when training should be adjusted, therapeutic measures taken or veterinary advice sought.

Master osteopathic techniques for more mobility.

  • Physiotherapeutic, osteopathic and fascial techniques
  • Practical application and gait analysis
  • Ability to improve the horse's mobility and release blockages
  • Support standing phases
  • Use bodywork sensibly in training

AFTER THIS, YOU ARE ABLE TO: Apply osteopathic and fascial techniques, understand the differences and advantages of various techniques. The combination with practice days is recommended.

Refine the training plans for your horse.

  • Sensorimotor and proprioceptive training in ground work
  • Pulse diagnostics
  • Train in a rich variety of ways
  • Gymnastic cavesson work
  • Increase intensity, discover lateral movements and build up strength
  • More in-depth training with additional individual lessons is recommended

AFTER THIS, YOU ARE ABLE TO: Classify the crookedness of the horse according to scientific standards, differentiate between sensory, motor and physiological laterality and create training plans independent of riding style.


As a bonus for you

Benefit from our Equidemia Membership (package: knowledge hungry) over the course of your 2.5-year training programme: Get exclusive access to specialised courses, such as academic groundwork, saddlery and many more, as well as monthly themed webinars, and watch online at live hands-on lessons. Immerse yourself in a community that shares your passion for horses and continuously expand your knowledge.

(Value: € 900)


for impact

No longer stand on the sidelines while the world of horse training evolves. With our education that dives deep into science and practice, we equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to make informed decisions and improve the health and well-being of horses in a sustainable way. Become part of a movement that emphasises scientific quality, ethics and progressive knowledge.


A multidisciplinary revolution in horse training

Hey, I’m Celina. As a rider, classical horsemanship instructor, rehab trainer, osteopath, craniosacral therapist and nutritionist, I have always considered each of my training programmes as a step towards the ultimate understanding of horses. It was only when I realised that each discipline has its limitations in isolation that my true mission began: to create an education that builds bridges between disciplines to provide a holistic view of the horse.

I created the Equidemia Masterclass: the education I had always wanted. Here, we combine multidisciplinary knowledge and bring experts directly to the table to give you direct access to real science and education at university level. We bridge the gap between practitioners without a scientific background and scientists without practical experience by bringing together the best of both worlds.

Welcome to an education that is more than knowledge transfer: it is a movement that aims to change the world of horse training forever.


Our experts

7 - BEA07399_01_web

Skogan 🇳🇴

Equidemia founder & expert in equine osteopathy, rehabilitation and nutrition

Masterclass topics:
Osteopathy, nutrition, training and plans, training therapy, ground and lodge work, rehabilitation

Zefanja Vermeulen

Zefanja Vermeulen 🇳🇱

Co-founder of the Equine Study Centre: specialist in equine anatomy

Masterclass topics:
Anatomy, gait anomalies and the nervous system


Tamara Dorresteijn 🇳🇱

Expert on the horse’s brain: biotechnologist and behavioural trainer

Masterclass topics:
Understanding the brain and the anatomy of the brain


Wittum 🇩🇪

Hoof orthopaedist DIfHO®: Specialist for hoof health and hoof physics

Masterclass topics:
Hooves, pathologies, hooves & hoof physics


Hartmann 🇸🇪

University lecturer in ethology: expert in horse behaviour

Masterclass topics:
Posture & behaviour

Frauke Musial

Musial 🇳🇴

Professor of health research, specialist in biopsychology

Masterclass topics:
Biopsychology, scientific work, learning behaviour


Röhm 🇩🇪

Leading expert in equine nutrition and science

Masterclass topics:
Nutrition, genetic variance, feeding behaviour


Dyson 🇬🇧

Veterinary specialist for orthopaedics and rehabilitation

Masterclass topics:
Pain & subtle lameness, gait analysis

Farmer 🇬🇧

Trainer for natural horse training: expert in laterality

Masterclass topics:

Anja Hass

Hass 🇩🇪

Psychologist and riding instructor: specialist in human-horse relationships

Masterclass topics:
Psychology and horse training, dealing with the client

Kathrin Obst

Obst 🇩🇪

Physiotherapist for horses: expert in rehabilitation

Masterclass topics: Rehabilitation

Dr. Sandra Ruzicka

Dr. Sandra Ruzicka 🇩🇪

Physiotherapist, trainer and expert in carrier exhaustion

Masterclass topics: Exterior analysis

You are special in understanding different types of horses and accompanying them on their way. Your intuition in dealing with my horse Kyrill is particularly remarkable. You encourage us without overwhelming us. Your commitment to a scientifically sound approach is admirable.

Rebecca Hollenbach
Member of the Membership & participant of the training
I find Equidemia's focus on the well-being of the horse, the treatment of pain and the holistic approach to training very unique. Celina delves deeper into the topic of health than anyone else. The importance of health in horse training will continue to grow in the coming years, and Celina is already one step ahead.

Gitti Kuchenbecker
Member of the Membership & participant of the training


This teacher training is perfect for you if ...

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    ... you often feel overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting information about horse training and health and are looking for sound, scientifically backed education that provides clarity and direction.
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    ... you have already tried various training methods without long-term success. And you now want to learn how to develop individually customised training plans based on the horse's specific needs and promote their health and performance in the long term.
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    ... as a professional horse trainer, you want to expand your offer with specialised knowledge in areas such as nutrition, anatomy and behavioural science. And thus position yourself as an expert, with a holistic understanding that goes far beyond the usual training.
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    ... you value first-class education and want to learn from leading experts who are not only recognised in the academic world, but also have practical experience in Equine Science and Equitation Science. This training gives you access to highly qualified knowledge and insights that come directly from research and many years of practical experience, so that you can perform at the highest level.

Start your transformation – 26th April 2024

Become part of our training programme and revolutionise your training!

Equidemia Trainer Masterclass: 26th April 2024

€ 250

monthly – for 2.5 years

  • Over 60 webinars in 6 modules over a period of 30 months
  • Access to recordings of the webinars via the learning platform
  • Optional practical days and intensive weeks
  • Extra webinars with experts on specific equine diseases and phenomena
  • Regular Q&A sessions for individual questions and case studies
  • Access to the community forum and library
  • Presentation documents as PDF and checklists for efficient learning
  • Lively community for questions and dialogue
  • Visibility as a certified trainer through listing in the trainer network
  • Digital training diary for monitoring success and setting goals systematically
  • BONUS: Access to all Equidemia Membership specialised courses, themed webinars, etc. for the entire duration of the training programme

The first payment is due immediately. Afterwards, the monthly payment will be charged.

Questions? I have answers!
NO. You may also participate for the purpose of personal experience and development only. If you want to be licensed by Equidemia, the final exam is part of the process.
Our programme offers maximum flexibility and is designed to fit into your everyday life. Every month we hold 2-3 webinars that can be attended live or watched later. In addition to these webinars, you can expect an extensive range of studies, books, video materials and further materials for self-study. This combination of live webinars and self-study phases allows you to organise your learning workload to suit your own schedule.

No, participation in live sessions is not mandatory. All content is recorded and available for you to watch at a time that suits you best.

The certification is about applying your new knowledge. You choose 10 case studies from your everyday life with horses and students. This personalised approach allows you to address the exact challenges to put what you have learned into practice and bring the theory to life, supported by the advice of our experts. We know how challenging practice can be, especially in special cases. That’s why we help you turn question marks into aha moments so that you can handle any situation with confidence.

We offer monthly payments in instalments to minimise financial pressure and make training accessible to everyone.

Our platform is designed to be user-friendly and our support team is ready to help with any technical issues. All you need is internet access and a device that is connected to the internet.

We rely on interactive and practical learning methods to maximise the effectiveness of the training and promote a deep understanding of the content.

Despite the online format, we guarantee individual attention through regular Q&A sessions, direct access to experts and an active community for dialogue and support.