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Feeling impatient, insecure, or alone?

Have you


as a rider?

Are you left with the nagging feeling that you have failed as a horse person or failed as a rider? Is the mainstream myth of “Show them who is boss!” getting on your nerves? 


Good riding is not enough!

I love horses. And I too once believed that only more riding lessons would solve all problems. The truth is, many training-related problems originate from stress, pain and feed-related deficiencies of the horse.

Did you know that over 50% of horses suffer from subtle lameness, and many behavioral issues are due to pain or postural stress? It often takes years before the underlying causes are identified. If at all! Either the horse is blamed, or you as the rider are misdiagnosed as incompetent.

Academic Art of Riding is my passion, but even more important than the excercises is how we reach our goals together with our horses. The equine well-being is the center of attention. Therefore, I offer a holistic pathway to resolve bottlenecks. I am here to be your guide.


Milestones for happy horses

Equidemia Online equips you with the theoretical and practical foundation for a trusting relationship and successful training with your horse. Together, we uncover causes and solve them.

What I like most about you is your holistic, but at the same time academic and scientific approach. You have a large worldwide network so that we as your students (and ultimately, our horses!) can benefit from high-level knowledge from all over the world. Last but not least, your extensive experience with so many horses makes you a reliable expert.

Bettina Geschke
Celina's ability to precisely explain complex movements in the body and find individual approaches for different types of learners is what makes the Membership so special. Her knowledge extends not only to academic horsemanship, but also to a profound understanding of physical possibilities. Equidemia takes a holistic view of all aspects of working with horses.

Dorothea Ronneburg
If we as riders cannot explain what we're doing,
when, how and why, then we are not riders, we are just being transported.

Bent Branderup


The potential of the academic art of riding

At Equidemia, our heart beats for the principles of the academic art of riding, grounded in scientific knowledge. This unique art of riding offers not only theoretical knowledge, but also the practical tools to understand your horse in its full uniqueness and to put its needs at the centre of your training.

Our focus is on the instructional implementation of these principles to bring your horse into its full power without force and with the full development of its potential. In this way, you can evolve within the framework of your individual abilities, as a horse-human team.


It would have saved my horses a lot of suffering.

It goes beyond riding lessons. It takes healthy, fit horses that enjoy their work. Light as a feather communication that feels like actual thought transmission – that’s what I strive for with my students every step of the journey. Equine wellbeing is the center of attention.  

You know what irritates me the most? The misleading content on social media. We see great before and after videos. But when we look closely and mute the sound, we see one thing: the horse still has as much of a pain face on the after video as before – it’s just a bit fatter.

My approach is different. With a scientific foundation and holistic approach, I help you understand your horse. I use my 25 years of knowledge of the academic art of riding along with Cranio Sacral Osteopathy and intensive science-based training in equine nutrition, behaviour, and gait analysis.

These combined skills led me to build a holistic all-round approach that has proven to be effective AND sustainable in solving human-horse problems. 

It is my dream
to see fit horses and happy riders.

I do love one thing: passing on my knowledge from science and practice.  Thus, I guide people like you into their power and independence. The Equidemia Online Membership was born out of this vision, so that one day we will only see horses with happy faces and clean gaits. Let’s change the horse world together.

Celina Skogan

Founder of the Equidemia Academy


Discover a new way of learning and training

  • Equidemia Membership makes you independent.

Become your horse’s trainer with a clear guideline. With competence, you can take responsibility.

  • The horse is my student

We don’t increase the pressure if the horse doesn’t understand something. Instead, we ask why!

  • The holistic story leads to the holistic solution

Together, we clarify physiological, psychological and postural factors.

  • Art of academic riding

Academic art of riding provides you with the tools to train horses in a healthy way. The path is the goal. Whether high school, basic lunging or a safe leisure horse. Here, I equip your toolbox with equestrian tools.

  • Equidemia is science-based

The equestrian world is full of myths. Just because something has always been done a certain way, does not mean we should. I’m busting that.

  • It´s not about having all the answers

but I know whom to ask. Equidemia regularly invites experts to share their latest insights with us.

  • Life happens! But you are well equipped

I cannot guarantee that you will not face any more challenges in the future. But I can promise you that you will be well-equipped to face them competently and confidently.

You are special in understanding different types of horses and accompanying them on their way. Your intuition in dealing with my horse Kyrill is particularly remarkable. You encourage us without overwhelming us. Your commitment to a scientifically sound approach is admirable.

Rebecca Hollenbach
I find Equidemia's focus on the well-being of the horse, the treatment of pain and the holistic approach to training very unique. Celina delves deeper into the topic of health than anyone else. The importance of health in horse training will continue to grow in the coming years, and Celina is already one step ahead.

Gitti Kuchenbecker


And this is what you can expect

Current & Future

Online Courses

Academic groundwork offers your horse overall gymnastics. In this way, your horse is well strengthened for riding.

Fascia work
for Horses

Learn how to help your horse release tension with the finest touch.


When is a horse fit for saddling? Recognise when a saddle really fits to both, horse and rider.


Learn lunging without fixed reins. Helping the horse to go well over the  back and grow strong. I show you how to set up for success.


This is the key to riding independently of hands. You will no longer be off balance and have a fine sense of your horse.

with Young Horses

Before bending and stellning: Learn how to prepare your young horse for a healthy equine life.

Webinar Recordings


Immerse yourself in a wide variety of topics

Each month we offer new topics. Over time, we are building a vast knowledge base for you to review at your convenience.

We are diving deep into many important areas around equine  health, nutrition, environment, biomechanics, relationship and sustainable training. From pain signals to shoulder-in and collection – you get an all around overview.

Get ready to see your horse in a whole new light.

Be Part of the Community

Diaries for your growth as a horse-riding team. Learn from the ups and downs of the community. Discover how documenting your journey can lead you to long-term success.

& Community

Submit questions to our community and benefit from their extensive expertise. Use our interactive team café for live meetings and co-working. Share your knowledge in Member Webinars. Our motto: Better together.


Join other participants live in their practical lessons. Train your eye, observe live feedback. Learn first-hand how other students are mastering their path.

Your Online Lessons

Together, we develop your toolbox for working with your horse. We start with a reality check and a thorough analysis of the current situation, set clear goals and create a sound training plan. I will accompany you with regular live online lessons so that you can implement what you have learned in practice immediately. You decide how many lessons you want to take per month.

When I joined the Membership, I was looking for regular monthly training sessions with my horse. However, what I found far exceeded my expectations. The webinars on various topics are incredibly informative and I have gained so much knowledge. Celina is an exceptional teacher who can explain the 'why' behind everything. Her teaching method is educational and easy to understand . She uses realistic examples and always refers to reliable sources. Joining the Membership has been transformative for my horse training and personal development. Celina, you are fantastic.

Eli Hoel Mamen


For ambitious leisure riders and professionals

You want …

Let's start


on the path to a harmonious connection with your horse.


You can expect great bonuses

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Celina's unique approach to horse training takes into account every aspect, from health to husbandry/environment. Thanks to her, we have made more progress in 5 months than in 8 years. She motivates us to push our boundaries and is able to explain complex concepts in an understandable way. Thanks to Celina, I have developed a deep understanding of my horse's welfare. The membership is great.

Laura Jane Hobbs
Celina's approach has completely changed my horse journey for the better . She makes sure that our horses are in good health, while we learn a lot at the same time. Her empathetic and helpful nature is great. It's fascinating how she can even coach us over the camera, which has really helped our training .

Janette Stenholm

your all around online membership for healthy horses & academic art of riding

Real progress with your horse and a strong community

The Knowledge Nerd

from €35

per month
(permanent for founding members until 12.2023.
From 2024 we will raise the prices).

The first payment is due immediately. After that, a monthly instalment is charged. Minimum term 12 months.

The Implementation Artist

from €85

per month
(minimum duration 12 months)

Option 1: 1x lesson / month (€85)

Option 2: 2x lessons / month (€135)

Option 3: 4x lessons / month (€235)

I am good – but I can’t do magic. That’s why you need at least one year of commitment. You want to stay longer? No problem. After that, your subscription can be cancelled quarterly.

Your horse gets sick or something unexpected happens in your life? We downgrade you to a basic subscription. No problem, talk to me. So far we have always found a solution.

Questions? I have answers!

The membership is your online platform for self-study. You can access all content any time and in your own time. The minimum commitment is 12 months.

We want you to get going. Use the opportunity to take part in live meetings, ask questions and – if required – book Celina for 1:1 sessions.

No matter how good you are – all the knowledge-hungry people need some time to settle in. That’s why a minimum term of 12 months has proven its worth. After that, you can cancel every month.

If you decide on a plan with lessons, you can switch to passive participation at any time (e.g. if your horse falls ill, or you go on holiday).

Spots for new “implementation artists” are allocated according to availability, but are limited. You can always get lucky and snag one of the free spots in between, or add paid private lessons. Equidemia members always have priority in the allocation of teaching spots or week-student spots.

One training session lasts 30 minutes. The training units cannot be collected and must be redeemed within the calendar month. Within this month, you are fully flexible. Training sessions can be rescheduled and cancelled up to 24 hours before the session. After that, they are fully payable.

I currently offer one training weekend per month (or a second depending on availability), and free capacity every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 8:00 to 11:00 and Friday afternoon from 16:00 to 19:00 Oslo Standard Time.

You can manage your subscription yourself via your Elopage account.
Here you also find your incvoices and can change your subscription.

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Above all, you have to bring one skill with you, and that is curiosity. And of course, the motivation to implement what you have learned and adapt it to you and your horse. For all questions during the process, you can use the forum, the community and the Q&A sessions.

Besides theoretical understanding, you need a lot of calmness, patience and fun in practice to change your way successfully and sustainably. No master has ever fallen from the sky!

But if you don’t start, you won’t reach your goal.

No problem. You can always purchase individual online courses or sign up for one of my live webinars. I’m sure you’ll love it! This way: to the webinars!